Cyber Tools

Cyber Tools
Thomas Gossweiler
Thomas Gossweiler

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Social Engineering Web-Information Website Cache (View History) Explore the Internet of Things (Ports etc)

Default Password DB

Password Hacking (WordList für Password Dictionary) (Wurde dein Passwort schon gehackt?)

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

Install Your Favorite Hacking Tools

Some versions of Kali are geared toward minimalist pentester's who prefer not to have hundreds of hacking tools preinstalled. This means we'll have to install our favorite tools manually. The types of tools we use vary based on our skill set and areas of expertise, but below are some popular hackings tools.

These tools can be installed using the below command.

apt-get install maltego metasploit-framework burpsuite wireshark aircrack-ng hydra nmap beef-xss nikto

Toolbox (Persönliche ToolBox)

 toolbox  IP / DNS /whois etc.

 CyberChef Encryption etc.

Web Tools


Domain Name 

.ch     Switch Whois   

.com  Netim

.net/.com  Whois

API Security Tools

Static source code analyser for vulnerabilities in PHP scripts 

Password Hacking Tools

Authentication process


    - Evade detection systems

    - Run security vulnerability scans

    - Execute remote attacks

    - Enumerate networks and hosts


    - Audit device security

    - Detect open ports on remote hosts

    - Network mapping and enumeration

    - Find vulnerabilities inside any network

    - Launch massive DNS queries against domains and subdomains

-sV             Attempts to determine the version of the services running
-p or -p-    Port scan for port or scan all ports
-Pn            Disable host discovery and just scan for open ports
-A              Enables OS and version detection, executes in-build scripts for further enumeration 
-sC            Scan with the default nmap scripts
-v              Verbose mode
-sU            UDP port scan
-sS            TCP SYN port scan


    - Saves analysis for offline inspection

    - Packet browser

    - Powerful GUI

    - Rich VoIP analysis

    - Inspects and decompresses gzip files

    - Cisco Secure IDS iplog


    - Detects default installation files on any OS

    - Detects outdated software applications.

    - Runs XSS vulnerability tests

    - Launches dictionary-based brute force attacks

    - Exports results into plain text, CSV or HTML files


    - Fingerprint remote database mode

    - Brute force attack with a word list

    - Direct shell & reverse shell

    - Scanner for outbound ports

    - Reverse ICMP Shell

    - DNS tunnelled shell


    - Domain names

    - DNS servers

    - Netblocks

    - IP addresses

    - Files

    - Web Pages


    - Data injection into established connections

    - SSH and HTTPS encryption-based protocols

    - Sniffs remote traffic over GRE tunnel

    - Determines OS name and version

    - Able to kill established LAN connections

    - DNS Hijacking

Open VAS

Installation: Linux Kali

apt update  /  apt full -upgrade  / apt autoremove   /  apt insttall openvas   - apt autocan   -openvas-setup

Free IP and Network Tools

DNS & IP Tools provide tactical intelligence to Security Operations (SOCS). Penetration Testers use the tools to map the attack surface of a target. Blue teams benefit from quickly identifying areas of security weakness and during incident response. Collect information about IP Addresses, Networks, Web Pages and DNS records.

Metasploitable (download)

Metasploit und NMAP - Kali Linux

Tilix can be installed manually from the Tilix Github releases section by downloading and following these instructions:

sudo unzip -d / sudo glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/

Free Pentesting tools

  • Burp Suite – web applications pentesting
  • Wireshark – network protocol analyzer
  • Hydra – online brute-forcing of passwords
  • Owasp-zap – finds vulnerabilities in web applications
  • Nmap – a security scanner used for network scanning
  • Sqlmap – for exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities

Kali Linux - Tool

GitHub Link

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
git clone
cd lsscript
chmod +x

Linux Script Install: git clone


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