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Thomas Gossweiler

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Python Cybersecurity and Penetration Testing



Video Linux (Kali) for Ethical Hackers

Kali Linux Tools Downloads

ls -la show directory inkl rights

ls /etc/ show all directory

mkdir make directory

cd ..  back in directory step by step

rm hello.txt  remove file hello.txt

mv hello.txt /Downlads/ move hello.txt

locate bash show all files with bash

updatedb update database

ls -la tmp/ show all file in temp directory

passwd change password

man ls show some information

echo "hello" > hello.txt create file hello.txt

cat hello.txt show file name

chmod 777 hello.txt full access on the file hello.txt

adduser xxx create user xxx

cat /etc/passwd show all users

history  show history

free  available RAM and  physical memory

vi screen editor used to edit

sort content of a text file line by line

more  output in the terminal,.

less  view the file instead of opening

whoami  print the active user ID

pwd  show the directory

ls show hidden files of a directory

users login names of currently logged

uname information about the current system (EN)  (DE)

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